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Why BoldHook is a
must-have for you...

... and other savvy online entrepreneurs?

There are two kinds of online entrepreneurs.

There are ones that already have a product to sell. Physical on Amazon (or eBay, or their own e-commerce site and so on...) or digital (Jvzoo, Clickbank... you name it), doesn't matter.

And then there are online entrepreneurs... that don't have a product just YET... but will, very soon - because they're savvy and they realize that's how the money is made.

No matter which of the above groups you belong to...

... You're going to love our brand new WordPress theme, BoldHook.

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BoldHook lets you...

Take your product...
... And in a few clicks, create a money-making, persuasive, high-converting website around it!

There's a lot of persuasion magic going on under the hood of BoldHook.

We've poured years worth of online sales experience - both physical products (for example on Amazon)... as well as digital - into BoldHook. Here's just a small taste of what you're going to be able to do...

By the way... can you do all of the above with some other WordPress theme? Maybe. Will it be as easy? Doubt it. Will it be as persuasive? Doubt it...

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That's not all...

Of course, it's not just the marketing side that is top notch with this theme.

When you install your brand new BoldHook WordPress theme (which takes just a few clicks...) and load your site in your favorite browser... you'll go "wow".

Not only it'll look great right out of the box (without that annoying tweaking of hundreds of settings...), it also will load amazingly fast.

... And that will not only give you more time for your customers to read your message... but also let you rank higher in Google... because one of the factors Google takes into account when ranking sites is how many milliseconds it takes for the site to load.

Yet another persuasion factor in play here is that since your site is going to look so slick... your brand will be automatically associated with premium value. Which means you can charge more!

How to leverage BoldHook to
put more money in your pocket...

Your improved conversions, rankings, and upscale brand image will directly translate into more money in your pocket.

However, what if you took things up a notch... and started charging other entrepreneurs $997 per site for their products?

They'd pay that and more in a heartbeat!

But there's more...

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Most people don't know about this...

There's another benefit of having a site like this. Most people don't know about it... which drives me nuts, because it's insanely simple. You can use it for your own advantage or as a huge selling point..

Here it is.

Most people look up a company online before doing business with it.

If you don't have a site at all or it looks outdated, clunky, hard to navigate... you've just lost a sale. And this is why BoldHook will put even more money in your pocket - because when people look up your (or your client's) brand and see a beautiful, professional, persuasive site like this... they'll be sold.

Endless customization...

All of the above wouldn't be possible if this was just a cookie cutter theme.

However... you can customize any aspect of the theme. Any color. Any heading. Background image. Bullets.

Most of the customizations are done using build in customization panel... which means you just move your mouse over, click and get the result you want... without fussing around with code.

You get a child theme for even more control... and translation possibilities with i18n compatibility.

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Tightly focused

However... this is NOT one of those themes that promise you everything - and deliver nothing.

All of our themes - including BoldHook - are tightly focused. That means they do one thing... and they do it amazingly well.

We know that some people expect a WordPress theme to do everything - and there's certainly tons of themes out there that promise that - but the problem is those all-in-one solutions slow your site down to a crawl... and require a 500 page manual to figure out.

BoldHook, on the other hand... is lightning fast and lets you get started immediately without any fussing around.

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It's perfect for...

Whenever you need to present your (or your client's) brand, service, product online in the best possible light... and you like a clean, modern look...

... BoldHook is the theme for you.

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Plus it...

Loads so fast... you won't believe it's WordPress

First, BoldHook loads insanely fast... you won't even believe it's WordPress. Even on shared hosting where running WordPress with a powerful theme tends to slow your site down to a crawl... not so with BoldHook.

BoldHook is optimized down to the last bit to make sure your customers don't have to wait. (If you make them wait... this HURTS your conversions!) Plus, this is a very powerful SEO benefit - the faster your site loads, the higher it is ranked by Google.

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Fully responsive & mobile friendly!

Second, BoldHook is fully responsive & mobile friendly. It seamlessly adapts to any device because it's built using the latest "mobile-first" development paradigm.

BoldHook automatically detects the width of the viewport and adapts the layout of your content - all completely seamlessly, on the fly.

By the way... Google already is ranking sites that do NOT do this lower. The writing is on the wall... you need your site to be mobile-friendly to survive!

Check Out The Demo!

Just some of the key Features Of BoldHook...

Check Out The Demo!

The best support in the industry...

Get a spot-on answer to any question, exactly when you need it.

Simple and easy to use, this theme packs a lot of power. Whenever you want to know more about what it can do, or how to tailor it to your specific needs - our knowledgeable support staff is just a ticket away.

Same goes if you (unlikely) run into a problem with our theme. Our support staff will respond quickly and give you a solution. Not a run-around.

Out Of EVERY 100 Customers We've Helped...
98 Of Them Have Been 100% Satisfied!

... Compare that to the industry average of 86%! (Plus, our support is handling TWICE the ticket volume than the industry average because people KNOW they're getting timely answers to any question! Just saying...)

Perhaps even more importantly, your get a response within hours. The average first response takes our support 1.3 hours (and 76% of the tickets are answered within the first hour).

Bear in mind... this is measured over a 24/7 period. Weekends, holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas... our highly trained and helpful staff is there for you no matter what.

Your risk? $0.00!

Obviously, you're 100% protected by our money-back guarantee. What that means is when you download this theme today, you can immediately start playing around with it. Make sure it's perfect for what you need now... or what you might need in the future.

And at any point during 30 days after your investment today, if you don't feel 100% satisfied with it, just hit our support up for a quick, no questions refund.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! With that in mind... can we count you in?

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P.S. Why is THIS page so UGLY... if we're selling a beautiful WordPress theme? GREAT question! Here's the strategy. This page doesn't matter! We might make it prettier at some point... but what we really want you to do is to go to the demo site and check the theme out. Just imagine what would it look like in YOUR business setting, for your products and services - or those of your clients!

P.P.S. Oh and since you're not risking a single penny when you invest in this beautiful, snappy, focused WordPress theme... There's no sense in waiting. Grab it, check it out, make sure it's perfect for you - and if not, we'll repay you every last penny you invested today. The only catch? You have to do it in 30 days after you make your investment!

P.P.P.S. Don't have a product yet? Unless you're planning NOT to have a product anytime soon... you'd be smart to invest now while the price is low and use this theme when you do get a product up and running. Sign up now!